Master Bedroom Design of Ms. Lydia

Private residence of our beloved client, Mr. Edy Santo

A project of personal residence.

Client: Ms. Santi Anastasia.

Location: Lucky View, Block C No. 33-A, Batam

A private apartment design for our beloved client Mr. Heryanto of Pekanbaru, Riau.

This is a project ordered by Mr. Sariman (Batam Centre, Batam, Indonesia).

It's a small karaoke room for a family residence.

This was a project for a local real estate developer in Batam. Web URL: or

We provide from the scratch layout design, working sheets to the visualisation of the design. And through our 3D Printing services, our clients will be able to view their design comes to live. We can create a scaled printout of the design our clients favor and they can make improvements to the layout, plan for the furnishing, even the color of the painting of the walls.