We are a private limited company based in Batam City, Indonesia. We are offering a full range of GRAPHIC DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE and 3D PRINTING SERVICES. We are striving to do our best and hopefully we can fulfill all the requirements by our client to their satisfactory.

Our passion is to eliminate the guesswork of designs by listening to our clients' needs, their ideas and integrating them with our ideas to make the design comes real. Simply by putting all our efforts into every single projects we handle, we believe we will improve day by day, therefore, your support and ideas and most important, critics are very valuable input for us. Learning by experience and experiment, could be a very good teacher, that's our mindset in creating designs.

Therefore, we keep searching for fresh ideas and resources in order to increase our knowledge and skills. Last but not least, your supports and opportunity will always the most appreciated by us. Thank you.


Petrus Yap